Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Broken Flow

The bathroom light has been acting up for awhile, not turning on reliably, or flickering on and off, and it seems to depend on subtle issues with the switch position. Tonight I popped the faceplate off, pulled the switch out, and took a look. I am again reminded of one thing I hate about this place -- the electrics are really poorly done, and fixing them would be a pretty big project. My apartment is pretty nice in a lot of respects -- it's big (bigger than is necessary for one person), it's largely open, and its appliances are decent. Some parts of it are not well maintained, and it also has several instances of my biggest pet peeve -- at one time people painted white paint over EVERYTHING. Sockets, walls, ceiling, trim, etc. The doors don't fit right because paint was slopped into the frame too. Unfortunately, even after a decent amount of prodding, I was unable to figure out which side of the switch was poorly connected (rewiring both sides didn't help), so I just put it back. I'll call my landlord and have him send an electrician -- maybe the guy will rewire some of the stuff. I am tempted to try to find a smaller place in Squirrel Hill that would be cheaper, especially if it includes utilities and laundry and has parking. It might be a very good idea to do so, but I need to decide if it's worth the effort. Hmm.


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