Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sky Fragment Reign

I seem to be having interesting corrispondences and conversations recently. JasonE reminded me of something about how I live my life that I need to chew on, Debb asked me an interesting question, Martha pointed out an area where I might not have been fair, and Eric suggested that my last BLOG entry might be based on misinterpretation, or at least an overly uncharitable interpretation. Most of the conversations are private, but they are at the very least interesting to me.

Meanwhile, I'm installing Fedora4 on my old desktop, and finding that the PPro200's new CDROM isn't in top shape -- while reading the media to do an install, there's an audible shake, and it often gets read errors that are fixed by telling it to retry reading the package. Frustrating, but at least the install can proceed with enough babysitting. Whenever a read error occurs, it brings up a dialogue box with a "Reboot" button on the left, and a "Retry" on the right. This invokes a small neurosis I have because Reboot is selected. I have little faith in the ability to do a large amount of things correctly that take effort, and keep imagining that every so often in a sufficiently large set, they'll do the wrong thing. This makes me think that I'll never make it through the install, because sooner or later I won't hit the right arrow and hit return, but will instead just hit return, rebooting the box and aborting the install. I believe in errors, and don't think that things that rely on perfect performance for a large amount of trials are possible. It's not exactly a strong belief, but a herustic of mistrust. I probably have a number of other cynical heuristics that plague me.


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