Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Being From Where One Is

Sometimes we say things we don't mean, or things we say things we mean, but never wanted to say. Suffocation by one's own nature, a particularly unpleasant way to go. To be caught up in one's own mythology, burdened by the mantle of one's mask. All one's friends are out looking for the missing ghost..

Twins, couples, is it appropriate to think of them as being less individual than they physically are? One starts the same through shared experience, the other ends the same, all things going smoothly.

Last night, I went to Ceremony at The Upstage, a goth/industrial event at a general-purpose club. It was decent -- they had a fair amount of the kind of music I like, but an irritating tendency to mix some 80s faire in. I arrived a bit early for the fun, apparently, as I had to wait about an hour before the dancing started. Unfortunately, the friend who's leaving town who I was supposed to meet up with never shew up. Compared to Outland, the place is dull, but Outland was fantastic. I was thinking about going to Columbus next weeekend, but I might put it off for awhile -- apparently, Outland is to reopen in about a month, and I'd rather go then.

Here's the ultimate in irresponsible use of money, in case you haven't seen it. By contrast, philistines demonstrate one of the dangers of a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine -- theocratic rule.


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