Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dream Flights

Because of the way funding (didn't) work out, it looks like the Turkey trip isn't happening. It was a nice fantasy while present though, and there's still an off chance funding will materialise.

Airplane flights in my dreams tend to follow a formula... the flight tends to take up a good part of the dream, there are generally some cute people sitting near me who seem possibly interested in me but I know I'll never see them after theflight, and the plane generally flies most of the way there way up in the air, then for the last 20% or so it alternates between driving on the ground and flying at very low altitude. Sort of like while riding a bike or driving the car, I tend to "identify with" the vehicle at times, seeing through airplane eyes and not seeing the inside of the plane anymore. I've always been amused when I noticed that happening as a driver/bikerider (IRL) - initially I thought it was just an "in the zone/programming" equivalent, but it didn't feel much like that. Eventually I concluded that anything someone comes to manipulate enough in an environment, with the right kind of controls and feedback, would come to feel like a second body, with the mechanics of our first body's control over it relegated to a small part of the consciousness.

I recently explained the key to my generally low stress to someone - I have very very low expectations of reality, and I operate almost exclusively in what used to be my "damage control" mode. I'm not sure if this is sad or not.

I just finished Wii, by Pronouncovich Remembrovich Impossibilovsky. It was quite good. I have mixed feelings about dystopian novels -- they breed a kind of cynicism (thanks to straw men) that with an overdose makes people politically batshit-insane (if you think I'm talking about any of you, dear readers, I assure you I am not). At the same time, they can be enjoyable - a bit like alcohol. Which reminds me - there are a few people who generally don't bump into me except on the (quite rare) occasion that I have had too much wine (and by too much, I mean hardly any, and by rare, I mean once every 6 months or so). I hope that's not what they think of when they think of me.

It's an odd sensation when a cat rests its head on one's foot, so their purring vibrates the foot.


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