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Dream Revisionism

Last night, having successfully revived ancient holly with Fedora 4 (Firefox is surprisingly usable on a PPro/200 with 96M RAM), I backed up my laptop, and moved it to FC4 as well. There wern't too many gotchas, and some of those I had, one involving a bug in the installer that didn't make me reformat partitions when I moved from the old layout to the new one, actually saved me. I keep a fair amount of information on a local install of MediaWiki on my laptop, and it not being visible on the filesystem means that I forgot to back it up. After puzzling through the installer crashing just before it started to install things, I realized that I forgot to do said backup, and rebooted into the oddly-still-working previous install -- it was odd because although the new partition table (totally different than the old one) was in place on the disk, GRUB was still happy to boot Linux, and apart from some things like swapping not working, everything was still intact for my last backup. Afterwards, I realized what was wrong with the installer, and told disk druid to mark the partitions as needing a new filesystem, and the install went (taking most of the night). When I briefly woke up at 6am, I started yum update, which proceeded to take another few hours. More gotchas -- while testing the sound card, it failed to first tweak the settings of the sound card to make sure sound actually comes out. This, to be fair, is more the fault of whoever wrote the driver for the Intel AC97 sound chip. A reboot, and I got a nice, usable desktop. I had to tweak the scripts I wrote to tweak the sound card to work with the ALSA interface. For the interested, here is the contents of ~/bin/lsoundup
if(! -f "/tmp/laptop_is_closed")
my @results = `amixer sget PCM`;
my $interesting = (grep(/Front Left:/, @results))LINK;
$interesting =~ /Playback (\d+) /;
my $val = $1;
$val += 2;
`amixer sset PCM $val`;
`amixer sset Headphone 22`;
`amixer sset Master 15`;

(sorry if that doesn't look right now -- I need to update my BLOG code to implement a CODE attribute to avoid markup. In particular, the end of the line that starts as my $interesting should end with a left-bracket, a zero, a right-bracket, and a semicolon)

There's a corrisponding lsounddown with a decrement instead of increment to $val, and here is lsoundmute:

if(! -f "/tmp/laptop_is_closed")
my $val = 0;
`amixer sset PCM $val`;
`amixer sset Headphone 0`;
`amixer sset Master 0`;

The need to reset Headphone and Master is that apparently setting PCM to zero doesn't quite mean zero PCM volume -- it means the minimum PCM value (found this out during testing). To really mute things, you must turn each sound output device that might be being used to 0 (hence the need to restore the settings to something more normal when other volume buttons are pressed). Everything else seems ok so far.

In other news, some time ago, I ordered the rare first album, Running with Scissors from Plaid Tongued Devils. I managed to find it on eBay, and ordered it despite the band's warning that it's not very good. Unfortunately, it's not very good. Go figure. I don't like a single song from the CD, although I like the majority of their later songs.

From the Bathroom Walls of Baker Hall.."Man knows all there is to know when he knows he knows nothing""Wow, what a conversation stopper. I bet your blind dates love that one!"

I present, for the interested, the second, fantasy BLOG (unrelated to Mustard, which is on Livejournal and still pending), the government blog of the head of the Upper House of the People's Republic of Larnesia. See HERE.

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