Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Kanzler auf Menschheit

With my new glasses, I feel almost like I'm intruding on other people, because I can see faces so much better than before, as if I were right on top of people 20 feet away. Words leap out at me from distant signs, and fine details of distant things become clear to my (once corrected) better-than-average 20/15 vision.

Tsar Nikolai has a new owner, and my "dining room" is more empty now. The Iguana smell is slowly beginning to fade from my apartment, helped along by a lot of scrubbing of the floor beneath where his cage was. I'm happy about this, but still feel bad about the whole situation. I never wanted to have an Iguana again after being made to get rid of the last three, but circumstance put him on me. I do care about Nikolai/Nikky/Metamucil's welfare, and think he does have a great new caretaker (a vet who's married to another vet), but the possessive nature of familial love means that I feel like I've betrayed him in passing him on. It stings in a very different way than when Wally, my first cat, died. I think Tortfeasor (who I've been calling Trotsky recently) has figured out that something has changed -- he's been acting a bit disoriented since Nikolai left.

Last night I met up with some friends for a LAN party at J/R's place. Freeciv is a lot of fun. Seeing their place makes me wonder if living in Squirrel Hill is a mistake. It's all about the quality of the house versus the neighbourhood -- their place is great for giving them the room and the raw materials to build a great home, and for homebodies, it's a great deal. It also is light on the budget. Renting in Squirrel Hill is more community than home-centric -- there are a lot of great places within walking distance, and I feel like I'm part of a community. Squirrel Hill is thus great if I don't want to stay home that often. Buying a house in SqHill would be ideal, but is not within my financial means right now. I'm not sure what's best for me -- I'm naturally reclusive and spend a lot of time alone at home, but it helps me branch out when I need to.

Sciscoop has a summary of a pair of articles where evolutionary psychology tackles some irritating tendencies in how humans relate to each other -- attraction to wealth and manipulation. It's interesting stuff, although I come at it from the perspctive of it being one more thing to be conquered within human nature. I've read a few articles discussing Stephensen's Snow Crash in this light, comparing Hiro and YT as symbols of various levels of fitting into the system.

In what looks like a disaster looming, BushJr is pushing for teaching Creationism alongside science in school. This is very uncool, and if implemented would make me very uncomfortable with putting any kids I have through public school. The idea of schooltime and, worse, attention being given to astrology, uncritical and unscientific looks at what the religious people want everyone to believe, and similar makes me doubt that schools here have a bright future.


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