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On monday, at KGB, there was a conversation about people loaning each other books, asking for reccomendations, and similar. I sometimes loan and borrow books with friends, and once had a lending library online that was static HTML, back when I was in Columbus. Yesterday, I whipped up a mod_perl system to handle entry and maintenance of my books (and other media), and entered in most of them. When I implement logins so I can safely put it up on the web proper (rather than on my laptop's private webserver), I'll do so. I'm finding that it's possible and desirable to steal a lot of code from my BLOG to do this -- there are certain wrappers for database code, abstractions for HTML generation, and the like that I would end up reimplementing if I hadn't already done so. Code reuse is, when not taken as an overriding principle, a beautiful thing.

For those interested in seeing what can be whipped up in about 3 hours of coding, with the knowledge that it still needs cleaning and several features are half-finished or not started, you can grab the code here.

In other news, I maintain a number of mailing lists for my group at work, and with the recent server migration, needed to do some tweaking to get them happy on newer versions of mailman and sendmail. All that is done, but recently (and possibly unrelated), for one of the lists I was no longer able to enter the pending requests page. A look at /var/log/mailman/error gave me this:

File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/", line 132, in __getmsgids
ids = k for k, (op, data) in self.__db.items() if op == rtype
ValueError: too many values to unpack

This is for a list where the pending requests were nothing but spam for a very long time, and I wanted to go clear them all out using the nice new feature of "discard all" in current versions of mailman. So, taking a chance of throwing the flatfile database out of sync, I went into /var/lib/mailman/data and zapped all the held message files for that list. Unfortunately, this didn't help -- it must be looking directly at the database, not touching those files except when actually resending or bouncing them. Going into /var/lib/mailman/lists/LISTNAME and moving request.pck out of the way fixed things. My guess is that that database had become corrupt somehow.

A number of my friends are leaving the country on trips today or within the next few days. This combines unhappily with the four or five people who have left for good recently. Sigh.

I've noticed that recently a number of the webcomics I read have very obnoxious adverts, and it's not fun to go online without Privoxy, which I didn't reinstall after redoing my laptop. I'm trying to go with more lightweight ways of doing things, using Firefox extensions to block ads, so I have more immediate control over things. Very useful is "Block images from site" and an added utility called Noscript. Noscript by default blocks Javascript and flash from every site you visit, and you can turn those back on on a site-by-site basis. It's quite cool, the only downside being that you can't manage Flash and Javascript separately. Still, it cuts out aggrevating flash ads while still using flash where I want it, and I don't need to connect to a weird configuration URL to manage it.

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