Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Ripples in the Night

Image: Dark waters of Hypatia. Crickets, a small lake surrounded by hills. The faint light of the stars fit the sky, and very faint random ripples flow over the lake, criscrossing when noone can see..

The rearchitecting of my systems at work went reasonably smoothly. There was a moment I thought I'd need to give up when the system reliably hung when it first saw the RAID, but it turned out that a BIOS update (slightly complicated by the fact that floppies are very unreliable, and by a search for DOS bootdisk images I could put on a floppy) was able to make things good on that front. The old BIOS, which it was kind enough to offer to backup to floppy, was much bigger than the one it installed, but that's probably because this SCSI adapter came from my high-end Alpha, and so it's flash BIOS probably included Alpha stuff too. As a happy surprise, Fedora 4 is smarter than Fedora 2, and figured out and fixed the RAID signatures on the RAID slices for me, so I don't need to keep the old hack to manually assemble the software side of the RAID on bootup. I was going to do a few more things after the main thing, but I'm too sleepy to feel safe doing them now.

Oh, yeah, my Neuros is back, and it has nice battery life again. It's still prone to hang randomly every once in awhile, but that's probably because of the many times I've accidentally had it fall from a desk.

Tags: tech

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