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Renatured Proteins

The end of summer is evident. Life is moving a little bit faster again. Tonight is the first meeting of PUSH for this school year, and already KGB's activities are picking up, giving me more options for things to do during the week. One of my friends recently started working for Pitt, and two other friends just got back from a 3-week trip through the Pacific. I'm going to see what I can do about signing up for classes for Spring 2006, the only complication being that CMU thinks I owe them money from the semester I dropped everything in the middle. I bet I can work that out. Recently, I've been dealing with being less social and with very frequent bad headaches. Mhh. More goes in this entry later, if I remember.


I have suspicions as to what may be causing the headaches. Firstly, it may be the tea that I normally drink after I get back from lunch (or the sugar in the tea) -- on the occasions I haven't had any, I don't recall having a headache. Secondly, it may be when I wait too long to go eat -- the headaches may be particularly persistent hunger headaches.

I think that the way I tend to carry out conversations tends to be suboptimal -- I tend to get caught up on making particular points or leaving certain impressions, and if I'm unsure that I've been successful, I tend to repeat things. That can probably be irritating, especially if the topic of conversation shifts elsewhere and I shift it back. I should loosen up a bit and allow leaving good impressions more importance, at the cost perhaps of possibly being less understood. This is at least part of a slow de-geekification that I've been working on for myself. De-geekification in this case refers purely to having group-specific interaction skills..

I am pleased to discover that megamixes can be enjoyable to listen to. They're not as amusing as Weird Al's Polka medleys, but they are more vast in number. I think Weird Al, apart from making funnier music, also has close to the right length for included songs -- most megamixes I grabbed tend to have too much of each song in them. I guess that's the difference between a mix and a medley though. Medleys are more enjoyable, to me, because they have more of an interesting interaction between the songs, which in a mix are more or less independent.


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