Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stomach Full of Air

Some weeks ago, someone in KGB who doesn't go very often characterised it to me as being a large group of self-important geeks vying for attention while trying to be amusing. This is, by and large, true. Sometimes I see it with only that spin, and find it kind of irritating, but even if it is true, it doesn't mean that that's all I think of when I think of it, or that other perspectives on it are necessarily excluded. KGB is often amusing, and is generally at its best when it is not in a regular meeting -- the other events that are less regular are much more fun. The meetings tend to be cramped, smelly (as there are several people who underbathe), and too far over the top to be very amusing. Like with most groups though, the attractiveness comes from both the people one meets in it and with the atmosphere it creates. I'm not sure if or how long it will take to make actual social inroads with the people -- my age may be a barrier.

I've had my attention drawn back to usenet moderation again, as my previous robomoderation was broken by more server changes. I'll probably not robomoderate anymore, just to be safe. Usenet, as always, seems to have people all worked up over little things for no reason. Over my many years on the internet, I've dealt with an amazing variety of cranks, from crazed stamp collectors (Gregory Deeter) to .. well, the unique John Grubor. One thing I always try to do is to give people a chance to explain themselves, which is helpful in many ways. Sometimes (rarely), a kook may have a point. Other times, kooks are so immediately ignored or ridiculed that noone takes the time to listen to them and carefully, respectfully, discuss things with them. These can sometimes be reformed -- being stubborn and/or hotheaded only works on Usenet if you have a lot of respect for something else or if you're almost always right. Giving a chance is also an important thing to develop, both on and off usenet, as part of personal enlightenment.

I am looking forward to visiting Columbus this coming weekend. It's been awhile..

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