Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Unnatural Smack

I sometimes find it odd that in some gatherings of friends, it's considered a normal thing to "talk smack" and at least for them, to loosen up on social inhibitions. I think there's something missing in me, or at least different about me, in that I don't naturally feel an inclination to do that, nor to speak disrespectively, even in play. I can do it without being too uncomfortable, and in very rare circumstances, it can be amusing, but it always feels unnatural to me. By the way my friends look and feel when they do it, it seems to be very natural for them, and just something they only let out when they're comfortable enough. I'm not sure what to make of this difference.

On another topic involving different people, I always seem to get into bad interactions with people, especially intellectuals who like to argue and win, when I talk politics or philosophy with them. I practically never lose arguments, partly because I'm very good at arguing and partly because I believe that in the end between sufficiently intelligent and well-thought-through people, interest in the reasons for disagreements eventually deconstruct all the differences down to different base values, and I don't believe any argument is possible on them. Consequently, people only can win systemic arguments against me if they find an inconsistency in the link between my values and my value framework, and vice versa if I go against another person who has a sufficiently clear understanding of value systems. This frustrates a lot of people who are used to winning all arguments -- eventually most people resort to personal attacks or become otherwise too heated to continue. If I were a bit more humble, I would probably let others "win" while leaving insidious ideas in their head. I'm not though, and further think that I'd rather force people to be aware of the limits of philosophical argument than do that.


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