Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Freiheit macht Frei

I finished the Muqaddimah. It was one of those books where one regrets to see its end. I went to Amazon to start to look for the larger work by Ibn Khaldun that the Muqaddimah was an introduction to, and was disappointed to find that they don't have any translations of it for sale. Occasionally this happens, and reminds me of the way scholars used to know many languages so they could read all the important works in their field. I've read some philosophy in German, with a lot of help of dictionaries, but knowing Arabic would be really wonderful right now.

Recently my research group had a German and an Italian join (taking slots opened when a Dutch and another German in our group left). This has lead to interesting conversations on culture and language. They seem to be cool people.

Also tonight on the way to PUSH, due to some misunderstandings and misdirection in my ordering and acquiring the pizza, I ended up getting a ride from CMU to Pitt by the delivery person. I bet not too many of you have done that!

On to miscellania,

Hmm. Not too much for today. Back to deeper things, like a big fluffy pillow. I'm tired and need to rest up for tomorrow's car drive. I will be in Columbus tomorrow evening starting around 20:00.

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