Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Pervasive Darkness

I just spent a considerable time wandering around a house I was renting, in my dream, trying to figure out ways to get any appreciable light on the outside - there was some kind of pervasive thickness in the darkness outside that was resisting any light source. I didn't seem to notice that the dream place was a smaller version of the Tanager Trail house in Brecksville, nor find it especially odd that the giant grey cat my mom (by the name of Oliver - he's the noisiest cat I've ever known, always grumbling to himself) has was another of my cats (and an outdoor cat at that). Some part of me was excited, as I woke up, that this is a new dream motif, but then I remembered that I had this dream once before. My dreams are often reruns with moderate variations. I wonder if other people get that..

Tonight's sunset was amazing. I tried several times to capture it on my digital camera, with only very limited success.

I continue to be irritated by thinking of the animated film Anastasia - it's a strange revisionism that, from my perspective, removes the good guys neatly from history. I find it easy to identify with the early Soviet Revolutionaries - I would've liked to have participated in those times, trying for a better result. Reading Mao gives me great respect for the man, and his times/place were interesting, but early Soviet History (and the Kerensky years) seem like they would feel like home.

Outdoor cats... I've never really been happy with the idea of keeping cats outdoor - my cats are crazy enough indoors, and I don't like the idea of them catching illnesses (or having bad interactions with a car), fighting with other cats, or possibly not coming back. Certain cats in my family have always had the distinction of being outdoor cats, but I've never felt comfortable doing that with any of mine. Pittsburgh isn't Brecksville though..

I want to snowboard this winter. I hope I'll find some people to go do that with me - doing that alone is .. hmm.. Anyhow, I'd primarily like to go to Seven Springs (unless someone knows of a better place to go, where better = offers board-friendly slopes that are at least as long, possibly for a better price or closer). I should note that, for the more competitive folk, I am not particularly good at snowboarding, and have no desire to get better - I have a good time. This goes for many things in life, and has sometimes irritated people.

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I appear to have not entirely suceeded in convincing people not to get me a gift for the coming holiday season. For the unaware who would otherwise be inclined, I don't particularly want holiday gifts..
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To close, on the topic of continents, Wikipedia's article on Continents gives several different models for how many continents there are. For as long as I've had a perspective on the matter, I've preferred six continents: North/Central America, South America, Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica (I am somewhat tempted to consider Greenland another continent). My notion of continent is decently described as a large enough chunk of land with a small or nonexistent land tie to another large enough chunk.

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