Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

People Imitating Cats

Columbus was nice, but brought me misery.. or perhaps it's the times itself. I saw a number of people I've missed on the last few trips to Columbus, took advantage of the shopping, and went to the new Outland. The new place has potential -- it's in the back of an abandoned Giant Eagle in one of the distant parts of Columbus, and is decently large (although the layout isn't ideal for a club). About half of the outland crowd that I remember was there, and their DJs were much better, just as I had remembered, than Ceremony's. I hadn't seen my youngest sisters for awhile, and it was interesting being around for awhile there too. Oh, one of my friends in Columbus is out of work, so if anyone there is looking for a Junior-level sysadmin/techie there, drop me a note and I'll pass it on to him. He presently is sans transportation, but that may change soon. Also, after eating dinner with a friend before Outland, we took a detour into a park in the Market area, and saw a series of sidewalk exhibitions and a band. A number of local businesses sponsor artists to paint/chalk whatever they like, and among other things, there were some good reproductions of famous art. At Micro Center, I got some cheap DVD+RWs and almost bought a 32 inch LCD TV. At Outland, there was a nice musician who went by the stage name of Voltaire -- he sang/spoke to his acoustic guitar, but it didn't feel out of place. I got tired around 01:00 (having arrived around 21:30), so after some goodbyes to people, hopped on the road to Cleveland to visit my Mom and Grandparents. My Neuros decided to play, courtesy of /dev/random, Dar Williams Better Things to open the trip back, and that felt very right. Sometime on the trip I decided that I probably won't be making a trip back with the Behemoth -- it's time to get it inspected and do the free recall maintenance on it so I can sell. Also, Columbus' culturectomy around campus continues. Sigh. I really missed Insomnia.. the time I was there does seem special in retrospect, and if I were there now, there probably would be less for me.

The Cleveland part of the trip was pretty much as expected. I visited with family, and retrieved a lot of my past, moving it from the sand castle to flee the rising waters. A number of things I had thought lost were recovered... a token from the time I went to homecoming, the previously mentioned odd love letter that referenced a relationship that didn't exist, and a number of photos from various parts of my life.

The cats were naturally angry that I was gone for so long -- they knocked a lot of stuff off of the counters and bookshelves.

Oh, yes, the misery is that there is apparently some new pollen in the air, as my sinuses have gone crazy (starting on Sunday), making me physically as miserable as I have been for years (headache, cough, slight difficulty breathing, drastically reduced appetite, etc). Hopefully that won't last too long. At least it's not contagious.

At a few points on the trip, I smelled familiar smells that, perhaps moreso than seeing and touching places from the past, really brought back the emotional contexts.

Oh, by the way, I suggest not buying computer stuff from Americomp, as they proved unwilling to honour their quotes for computer equipment, cancelling in a very inconvenient way that created problems for us.

So... probably for the next few days I'll be trying to take it very easy until my sinuses return to sanity. I will probably prefer not to leave my apartment much, but if anyone wants to come over, let me know.

Jews for Jesus is now pestering people in SqHill. At some point I'm looking forward to long discussions with some of them (when I'm feeling better).


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