Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

I am Rumplelicorice

Today, I went to a computer club presentation of Inferno, the operating system that's a spiritual descendant of Unix from several of the original developers. I've heard about it before, and played with it's immediate ancestor, Plan 9. Unfortunately, as is common with fandom, the presenters had an inflated view of the system, and worse, it is a toy. Apart from using it's own programming language, the system was also not designed for serious usage in the real world -- it adds a number of cool new capabilities, but does not add sufficient ways to allow a sysadmin to prevent users from doing harmful or stupid things to the system (like routing all their network traffic through any machine they have access). There's the all-too-common idea that anything the user can manage to do is a good thing to make trivially easy, and a general .. libertarian bent to the system. Sigh.

After I got home, I recorded an old video of myself from a school play in 4th grade onto a DVD. I played Rumplelicorice, and the play in general was a candy version of Rumplestiltskin. After rewatching it, I wonder if it was made up for the play, or if it was a generic play that a teacher got their hands on. I recognize a lot of my costars -- Melissa Maker played the queen of candyland, Matt Zielinski played a herald, Kariel Stefanski played a lollipop, and .. someone whose name I don't quite remember (but who was in the String Bass section in High School) played a candycane. The whole thing was about 10 minutes. It was cute..

After that part of the tape, there was a good deal of the old film, Escape to Witch Mountain (thanks to a mention of a character name, google helped me id it). It wasn't a bad film, and the presence of Donald Pleasence was a surprise -- he played the lead villain in PumaMan, one of my favourite MST3k episodes.


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