Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Me and My Echoes

I am tempted to imagine the internet as a means for communication that is fundamentally like having Asperger's. Specifically, it's impossible to read people, and body language lacks meaning.. as a result, unless one is a saint, one can easily come across as an utter asshat. Absent social cues, it's easy to slide into inflated egos and .. well, being a troll, or even between two fairly normal people, cues of offending each other absent, things easily devolve into mess. This is probably a result of the way, as social animals, our cues are needed to keep us functioning. Do we need them? Not exactly -- some people get along ok without them because they're very nonantagonistic and low-ego people. That's a lot less than most people though -- plenty of people who are normal in real life are probably marginal on the internet.

After next Saturday's inspection and recall work, my Fnord Taurus 99, the Behemoth, will be for sale at the price of $4000. If anyone is interested, they should let me know.

At work, recently I saw a coworker listening to music, and his screen had one of those fancy visualisers on it.. unfortunately, this looked like an artistic interpretation of a hernia -- a flat wall with a bulge pushing into it.

I saw Serenity tonight (Corpse Bride will have to wait). It was good, and certainly more eventful than any episode was -- it fairly believably shifted direction for the show. There was a bit of sloppiness in doing so, and, unfortunately, if a new series were to come from it they'd need to deal with the loss of a few characters, but it was worth seeing.


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