Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

In Search of a Reboot

Today has continued to be a good day. After work, the weather was nice, and after hanging out for a bit, I went to the new CS lounge, and found that a good portion of KGB was there. I think this is what was missing at OSU -- there was no group feeling possible within departments because they offered little infrastructure for socialisation. I regret not doing my undergrad at CMU. Anyhow, I hung out with V, who's a rather cool (and kawaii) person. She has interesting taste in music, and we have a number of common interests. Later, I had tea with Eric, and came home around 10pm.

My laptop continues it's slow move towards needing replacement -- I am fairly certain that it won't last another year as my portable, but I have not yet seen what I want in my next laptop on the market -- AMD CPU with a 17 inch LCD. When I see that on a respectable system, I'll probably place an order.

Pokemon Leafgreen/Firered appear to be not very different remakes of the original Pokemon games (all quite good), with a much improved interface. Very entertaining.


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