Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Nature's Secrets

On the way to work today, a hedgehog let me walk right up and watch him eat vegitation from within 3 feet. I stood there for about 10 minutes -- they are beautiful creatures with a lot of personality, kind of like my cat Beefalo. I've noticed that nature always seems to take a liking to me.

There's something that seems wrong about this:

A friend pointed me at TiddlyWiki, which is one of the most clever and useful hacks I've seen in a long time. It's essentially a pared-down wiki that lives inside a HTML file that you keep on your filesystem. Edits to the contents are stored by having javascript in that file rewrite the file and rename the new copy over itself. This means that you can carry your wiki around on a USB Stick, mail it to yourself, etc. The only minus is that with the way it's designed, there are bound to be performance issues as the wiki gets big. Still, it's a great idea, and the implementation is pretty clean and attractive -- I could imagine recommending it to people who are not geeks and them finding it very useful (once they were given the general gist of how to use it).

While we're doing images, sometimes life is self-parodying. I *know* full well that this is either a bug in GGV or something about my not having the right fonts installed, but the effect is hilarious. I was downloading information about the "No Child Left Behind" act for a discussion at PUSH, and one of the PDFs from a government site was redered as this:

If you want to try your PDF reader on it, the document is here.

And in politics...

  • It looks like the whitewashing of the abuse in Iraq might not be too successful.
  • Puerto Rican people are upset that the FBI knocked off a pro independence leader.
  • Former Judge Moore is in da house. That's scary, but it's part of a larger trend -- theocrats and liberals are both feeling particularly bold right now in pushing for their political ends, and the Kulturkampf is particularly lively. I am worried that the theocrats are going to make significant inroads -- as always, I am thinking about arranging to move to Europe.
  • BushJr's recent supreme court nomination is mostly cronyism, but it's angering Republicans because they don't know if she has the skills or the fundamentalist bent that they want. I am very disturbed to see BushJr's primary argument to the people that they should accept her is that she's highly involved in Christian evangelism.
  • The latest propoganda from our glorious leader.
  • Apparently, the Senate is not happy about the whole torture thing though..
  • We have the technology... to build a Giant Panda Breeding Base!
  • This bad idea isn't from Miguel. Surprise!

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