Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Closeness of Opposition

Some days ago, I had a dream of having a long conversation with someone who, in dream-land, claimed to be the sister of Brother Jed, the semi-famous campus preacher that was among the Oval crowd who made Ohio State interesting. In the dream, she was a preacher too, and claimed that Jed was making his first preaches in Spanish, having learned the language recently. We chatted for awhile, and if I recall correctly, she was eventually suggesting that I court someone in their family. I immediately remembered that, because I got along well with the Smock family despite our radical disagreement on religion, it might not be obvious to everyone in it, on seeing friendly interaction, that I'm on "the other side". I wasn't sure if she realised that and was pushing ahead anyhow, or if she didn't understand that although I might have an unusual friendship with some fundamentalists, I could not see myself joining their family. I can respect the intellectual integrity that some religious folk have, as well as the passion that drives them to push for their belief, and that can be the roots of a friendship. Thinking about it now, I imagine that that was not unlike the described friendship between Boteach (from the recent debate) and the Hebrew Christian guy. I've had a number of friendships like that -- they all have a strange flavour, but often are still pretty nice. I regret not seeing Brother Tom (another OSU-frequenting preacher) when I was last in Columbus..

Today I found a Googlebar toolbar that actually works on the beta version of Firefox I'm running. It's called Googlebar lite. It's very handy to have it again, although its absence for the last few weeks means I'll need to get used to not needing to jump to to search anymore. Also cool, the author of the site has a tutorial on making Firefox extensions. Very cool.

In the news:

This saturday I'm finally going to Centralia with Dmitriy. I'll take lots of pictures -- it's not every day that one visits a town that nature closes.

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