Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Trigonomic Destiny

Dear readers,

Math is hard. I just spent a good amount of time writing a program to do a number of rotations. The basic workings of the program isn't too bad - I got the usage of sin() and asin() right on the first try, and correctly guessed that the functions would want to use radians rather than degrees. I converted coordinates into vectors from the centre point, and did my rotation on the vectors - in theory, this should be pretty easy. The thing that took me 95% of the time was reconstructing the signs properly so things would be in the correct quadrant when I translated back into coordinates. For someone who used to be known for doing incredibly well on math achievement tests, this is really embarassing. I was initially trying to be much cleverer than I should've been - in the end I fell back to what amounts to a case statement with various angles to correctly place things. Sigh. It's funny though -- I remember my main frustration with Trig was always getting the little details right, and with Calculus, it was mainly about concepts. More advanced math was usually an interesting mix of the two.

The course fairy has visited, and has reduced the size of the waiting lists I am on. I am now 2 or 2 on the Hitchcock class (presumably the other is a friend who I might be taking the class with). I hope the course fairy visits again and delivers me into the class -- it's the only class I'm waitlisted for that I have a real chance of getting into.

I regret that I won't be able to make it to a movie night tomorrow (class) - they're showing something that looks interesting, a Japanese film called .. we'll say "Wonderful Life".

I sometimes get kind of shocked to see people pray over food before eating it.


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