Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The wound stirs us, and we give a nervous laughter. More an acknowledgement of a shared fate than a bond of friendship, we're hugging parking metres simply for a hug. I can't recall when the colour grey wasn't such a gift that made us forget everything else, can't recall the true silences that frightened me. The air has learned to swallow the words I speak, for fear of the poisons that chase it, like salt, into the pipelines of our ten-gallon stares.

Recently, I learned what scritch means, which was something I was wondering about -- some people mentioned to each other in the KGB/CSLounge group that they were looking for it or something. Apparently, it has at least one meaning of very lightly massaging or playing with the back of someone's neck. It may not have any obvious connotations of sexuality, but I have never seen a male do it to another male. Then again, males are more neurotic about touching than females in our culture, I think (including me!). A lightly related issue with dealing with that crowd is that it is in most cases very difficult to understand who is single and who is not. In my generation/subculture, it is very easy -- people use terms of endearment and touch each other while dating or in more permanent arrangements, and generally don't do more than a handshake (or possibly a hug, for more more touch-open folk, as a greeting or goodbye, especially for prolonged absence). In that subculture, who knows?

I may babysit Martha's two cats while she and her husband go on vacation for two weeks in December. Hopefully her two and my two would get along and not destroy each other or my apartment.

It looks like this Saturday is going to be a very busy day -- there's a Dresden Dolls concert I'm going to with KGB, a speech by a science educator on the "intelligent design" attack on science, and possibly Ceremony. Hopefully I can fit them all in.

Triggered by seeing some Lain recently at the fence, I am in the mood to hold a Lain marathon sometime in the next few months. I should try to get some people together who are interested. Actually, I have a number of movies that I think people should see -- given that computer club hasn't been holding movie nights recently, perhaps I should hold my own movie nights in Wean, maybe even under the banner of Urban Chaos League. Large game nights would also rock. w00t.


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