Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Baby with a Handle

As my laptop bag continues to edge towards failure (the stitching is coming apart under the weight), I keep thinking in the back of my mind of ways to stop the delicate contents from hitting the ground if it breaks while I'm walking. Nevermind the fact that I have not yet bought a new bag if I'm so worried, the thing that amuses me is that I am willing to take injury to prevent my laptop from breaking. My big is huge, unbelievably heavy with everything I keep in it, and normally rests behind me, draped slightly beneath my bum. I *believe* I could catch the laptop with my legs if I intentionally fall forward if I notice it falling, at the slight cost of a faceplant.

Tonight is another night for our gaming group. I hope I can find another few people. So far, I've asked a few people, but everyone seems to be busy. My character is fairly interesting -- name is Confucius Brown, he's in his late 50s (probably the oddest thing about him -- most characters in Cyberpunk, or roleplaying things in general are in their mid20s or earlier), he's a Medical Tech, and he's a pervert. Because Jason decided we'd roll a lot of character aspects instead of picking them, he's Taiwanese, but has dreadlocks and adventures while wearing a bathrobe and fuzzy bath slippers. The first part is cool -- I was interested in playing a character with the Anime stereotype of the perverted old man, but the bathrobe/slippers is .. just odd, and the dreadlocks don't really make sense. I don't know if Oriental people can do dreds -- I've certainly never seen it, and it would look wrong. If I were still in touch with the people I've dated or friends I've had from that part of the world, I'd ask them if they've ever seen it ... hmm.. actually, there is one person I could ask. Next time I see him online.. Anyhow, my character is a sadistic pacifist -- he does not like the idea of killing people (kind of fitting for a doctor), but he will paralyse enemy people with his "medicines" and remove their implants without anesthetics. While the other characters have fancy weapons of various sorts, my character has a large gluegun. He also has a midlife crisis purchase -- a motorbike, that he doesn't know how to drive. Well, make that had -- in our first (and only, so far) adventuring night, the hovercraft we were using suffered some tumbles and the bike was lost. He'll have to get a new one.. In any case, RPGing is fun -- it's been a long time since I've done it, and I generally preferred (and still prefer) to be the DM rather than a player, but I like it.

I am thinking of getting a hebrew calendar so I can keep track of when not to call my friends who are Shomer Shabbat.

My duties on usenet continue to be sad things -- I moderate a few newsgroups related to OS/2, the Newton, and similar -- each with their own community that is slowly dying. As they die, the signal-noise ratio just gets worse and worse, because there's little left to talk about. Sometimes, as is the case on comp.os.os2.misc, the conversation turns to historical things, like why IBM did this, or putting OS/2 into various perspectives. In other cases, as is the case on comp.os.os2.advocacy, long flamewars happen over the most trivial things imaginable, like whether a particular demo for OS/2 sucked. The probability of this devolving into long and stupid trades of insults is much higher than it once was. I think this is because OS/2 has no purpose and almost no users anymore, with the remaining few users either having some specialty applications that are still tied to the platform (e.g. banks), being utter fanatics (a la the people still clunking along on their Amiga 4000s), or hobbyists who mainly use something else (a la the people who have a NeXTStation or SPARC on their desk next to their real hardware) but keep it as a cool toy. The newton groups I have are effectively dead -- there is pretty much zero activity in a week. This is probably because non-desktop devices rarely can become as entrenched as desktops can -- they need other devices to function and typically never become as beloved as the devices that they're essentially high-function peripherals for. I am the gatekeeper for a mostly forgotten gate.

I suspect that asking people to tea (or food) and then leaving them to get back to me at their leisure when it fits their schedule is not a good way to get to know people. There have been two people semirecently whom I wanted to either develop friendships with or relationships with, depending on how things went, and I tried this, and they never got back to me. It is probably better to ask to hang out with people giving a concrete time and place, at least until hanging out becomes a habit for both parties. I need to get over, at least temporarily, my general shyness and dislike for schedules if I want to find someone to date.

I wonder who's coming to the KGB Dresden Dolls outing tomorrow...


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