Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Decaying Roots

I've been slowly culling people from my IM buddy list that I haven't seen for forever, and in so doing have been reminded how many people I have known at one point that have completely left my life. In reading the logs from those conversations from so long ago, I am reminded of so much... various people I have had collective days of philosophical discussion with, others who I hung out with a few times, artists, political/society-shaping things I was involved in, and so on. Of course, this is but a small part of what I could pull out if I were to start going through my vast email archives as well. I think I am part of the first generation of people who can be said to be able to give a new kind of gift to the next generation -- myself. If I have kids, I intend to give them, when they are old enough to understand anything they might come across (perhaps 20, perhaps older, perhaps older than I am now), my complete email and IM archives. I might consider giving it to a few trusted friends as well, I'm not sure. My BLOG (including the private sections), my email, and my IM would no doubt paint a fairly complete picture of who I am. The idea pleases me.

I am again at the 61C, and while I am still irritated at their terrible tea, the environment is pretty nice, especially with free internet. Their taste in music is also nice -- right now they're playing the "Waking Life" soundtrack, and I've heard a few people here talking about how much they enjoy it.

I'm wrapping up my project for work, and will probably toss it up on my website when I'm done with it -- I'm sure having a project that illustrates how mod_perl and PostgreSQL play together that does something useful will be interesting to someone. I am amused that would also demonstrate code re-use -- the term leaves a bad taste in my mouth largely because of the foolish attempts in my undergrad CS programme to introduce formal software reuse. Still, CPAN, the module archive for Perl, is probably one of the best and widely-used examples of code reuse out there, and it is for Perl, the language that I can think of that is most opposite that of the formal Bondage-and-Discipline languages.

Yesterday's Dresden Dolls concert was .. interesting. The second opener was, in my opinion, better than they were -- it was a band called Devotchka with kind of a slavic folk sound. I love that genre.. The Dresden Dolls were good too though -- there was a lot of interesting local theatre that they arranged to be present during the concert, they had a few songs that were awesome, and partway through the concert, the non-singer-guy (Dresden Dolls are a duet -- female vocalist/pianist and male guitarist/precussionist) splashed water onto his drums and cymbals, and when he hit them, it sent a shimmer of water up into the air -- very cool.

It's a good time for electronic housekeeping....


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