Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fingers Up Your Partner's Nose

Today on the way to work, I was put into a good mood by hearing some funny lyrics to a song I had not heard before that was on my Neuros -- it was making fun of the oddities of Morris dancing and similar British Isles folk dancing, and suggested putting one's fingers up one's partner's nose. After I stopped laughing, I was in a happy mood for the rest of the way there, and sung even the many sad songs on my neuros with a light heart. Now, even despite having had a good lunch with a friend I don't hang with very often and having finished that coding project, and despite finally having a new study, I'm feeling sad again. I can't say that my mood has nothing to do with what happens in my life, but sometimes the relationship mystifies me.

  • Martha, my first ex-gf and now friend, has some of her art up on eBay.
  • Some random person who I found by searching for the name of Devotchka on Wikipedia has some amusing IM conversations she's collected over the years.
  • Looks like I spoke too soon on the voices being too silent against the threat to education posed by the ID folk -- the president of Cornell spoke out on the issue. Hurrah!
  • Break out those Time Machines -- If you want to get Get Smart on DVD, it is to be released on 31 December 1969! I knew the Get Smart gadgeteers were clever, but to have invented DVDs back in 1969.. dang!

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