Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

It's a good idea

I've decided that, given the really poor performance of my server hardware (often takes a very long time for the BLOG to render, mostly because the thing doesn't have enough RAM), I'm going to move my BLOG/Wiki to a machine at work, leaving the static webpage on the server as-is. It's not hard to find a piece-of-junk system that I would otherwise simply surplus that's better than what Rimuhosting gives me, and from what I understand, it's unwritten policy that it's kosher to do that kind of thing on university hardware provided there's no profit involved. It underlines the fact that I need to find a better home for overall, but it's another stopgap that'll do for awhile. I expect to do this within a week or so, if I feel like it. I might take the opportunity to put the media I've been wanting to upload on that box too.

I've been doing a fair amount of singing recently. I am reminded how I occasionally sang for two of the girlfriends I've had.. good memories. I've had Hedwig and Rocky Horror stuck on my brain recently, along with the more recent stuff I've gotten.

A friend sent me a link to this, a pronunciation dictionary published by the government. Their choice of things to cover is very unusual, and would make a great list of things to mix together to form interesting conspiracy theories.

(section not shown)

Because it popped into my head, here's a list of bands I would love to see on tour if they came to town:

If anyone out there hears about any of them coming to Pittsburgh or possibly even a nearby town (I might go to NYC, Cleveland, or Columbus for any of them), chances are decent I'll be cool on going.

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