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Pat Gunn

Slashdot Justice

Not that I think it's at all a good idea or is at all scalable, but I wonder what a justice system run by the hordes that compose slashdot's readerbase would look like. In particular, I recently disagreed with the masses on the issue of the presidential seal, where the capitol issued a cease and desist to the onion for use of the presidential seal of the US without authorisation. On this issue I have to think that that seal is like a sigil or signature, and while most other types of intellectual property do not merit protection and should not exist, the integrity of a sigil is about verified identity and is not per se about ownership, and is thus not part of the commercial illness I would hope to see swept away. It is important for entities to be able to provide a marker of authenticity that should not be reproduced outside of context for any purpose, even parody or protest. This marker should, of course, be used only for sigil purposes, and not be used outside of that context like as a logo.

Just as I spot something that could be my next laptop, with a nice 17" display, someone has to make a laptop with a 19" display. The HP dv8000z, unlike the Samsung m70, will come out in the United States, so perhaps it's not so bad :) I guess I just need to wait a bit, which isn't so bad because my current laptop isn't entirely dead. The dv8000z has a few interesting features.. first, it has a full keyboard (with numeric keypad), second, it will come with the option of 2 100G drives, third, it has an embedded Linux for playing DVDs without booting windows. I hope it's tough.

Here are two things in government that don't work the way they should...

  • Feta is reserved for cheeses produced in Greece, much to the irritation of makers of the-cheese-formerly-known-as-Feta elsewhere.
  • An old principle I disagree with -- Tortious interference in contract. Agreements between two parties should in no way be binding on third parties. It is disgusting that this is actionable.
And something right:

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