Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Impossibilility of Gifts

I decide that I have pretty much enough stuff (maybe too much, actually), and don't need anymore -- I just need to maintain the important things among the stuff I have, and slowly weed out the things I don't need. I call this a state of being that I've slowly been working on achieving for years. When people visit, sometimes they're surprised that if they overlook the books, how little *stuff* I have. I now fully resent even the books.. they're just data, and I would love to just have them all as PDFs. Mmm... I could give them to my friends, I could live in a big empty room with just my futon. How glorious, when the majority of the wealth in the world is free and nonspatial...

What would really make my life rock?

  • Starting to date one of the people I've had my eye on who are either uninterested or unavailable (the cause of their availability having nothing to do with me)... or someone new. The latter doesn't ever seem to happen though, because I like to know people decently well before I can really tell if I think they'd make me happy.
  • Feeling comfortable with my social circle. I often don't - some of this is due to conflicts inside me, and some if it is due to things not happening that I would like.
  • An extra 6 hours in every day to play games or socialise or take walks in the woods. That'd be nice.
  • The clothes drier in my apartment gets fixed. It's a pain in the butt to arrange the fans to blow my clothes dry
  • A few of my health problems disappearing. My heart's been acting up more often recently, there's the almost-daily migraines, and there's an additional nasy problem that I won't describe that could turn into something really serious. Yuck.
  • Magic self-cleaning, self-littering cat litterbox. "Where Do You Want To Pee Today?" should never be the mottos of my cats again.
  • Learning how to use fontforge. I keep trying, and failing to really make progress. I think it's probably meant for people who've had instructions on some font concepts I've never learned.
  • Progress on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, the mess in Iraq, a way to make mainland China give up on having Taiwan, the Tamil conflicts in southern India/Sri Lanka, and a few other world conflicts that I've come to care about and study over the years. While we're at it, a way to move the American centre in politics closer to the European centre.
  • The necessary momentum (or authority from above) to fix Wikipedia's cultural problems materialises. I know what needs to be done, but I don't see how it could be done. I should note that I am running for Arbcom, but Arbcom is not about such activism - any action I could take would derive purely from the strength of my ideas/presentation, the people I know who feel the same way, and any respect people have for my having been on the project for so long.
I recently was introduced to a game called Dofus. It's a crossplatform, browser-based game that's like a massively multiplayer version of Final Fantasy Tactics (in some ways). It appears to use flash to do all of its complex work, so while it advertises Linux compatibility, I'm left out (no 64-bit flash yet) except when I use my windows laptop. It might be fun though -- maybe it's worth playing despite the inconvenience..

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