Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sandwich in a Can

I just finished with Gaiman's 1602. I don't read a lot of comic series, but this was excellent. It has the premise of setting some of the modern superhero genre in, as the title suggests, the early 17th century. I've enjoyed carrying it around with me -- like the Sandman graphic novel I have, it's neat to look at and might end up as a bathroom book. This leaves me with only two books I'm presently reading -- a "candy" book called And God Created the French, and that huge Ataturk biography I've been working on for awhile. As I finish them I'll probably just be reading books on my computer for awhile -- there are a few Project Gutenberg and other books I've been meaning to read.

I am strongly considering getting some configuration of this system instead of waiting for the HP. The price is really nice, and I wouldn't have to wait. The only issue I can see is that, even accepting that the screen is a 15" like my current one, I wouldn't be getting a better resolution than I have now (1280x800). I'd kind of like to have more pixel real estate on my next laptop..

I started on the sampler of Stash Tea that I got from Giant Eagle -- each variety of it is similarly fantastic. I ordered some black tea samplers from their website because they're presently very inexpensive and likely quite good. It may be that Stash will be the place I get all my tea from in the future -- they have a nice looseleaf collection as well as teabags.

There's a protest I might go to on friday on the military recruitment centre in Oakland.


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