Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A Return to Mount Tethys

Aged being returns to the temple. It's hard to dodge the buildings, to ignore the mental shaping in the forms of buildings and cars, but weaving between them, the sacred land is entered for the first time in 60 years, the first intentional visit for many hundreds of years. Never a physical temple, nothing so gross as a building, the land itself is separate, commands no other use, and so modernity simply built around it, enclosed it almost entirely, an island of green in the city with no windows, no eyes to see the sand in the shell. In its place, the few visitors have left an unwelcome gift. A lone power line runs across the grass, leading to the stone pavilion near the centre of the space. The sound of a phonograph, preserved by the timelessness and odd rules of the place, play a schmaltzy, department-store alien harpsichord version of Brazil, and as approach draws the pavilion closer, its innovations come into view -- glass encloses the open side into windows, a steel/class door waits in front, and the tilted smiling face of the sun sits on the door. Unspeakable horror and revulsion! With too much digestion of the scene, head turns to vomit, but the holy ground denies entrance. A mad stumble from the land, hand over mouth, many slips to the ground and more than one brief blackout later, egress is made.


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