Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sacrifice Blows

I read in the news about a new book by Putin, and naturally went to to look it up. Much to my surprise, Putin has also written a book on Judo. I suppose this guy had better be careful.. :)

Also unusual, apparently Utah is the U.S. state with the most computers per person (Alaska is right behind). I might guess that there's little else to do in Utah. Related, in a conversation I had yesterday on social alienation caused by modern technology, and that possibly leading to trolls like Usenet saw (because of lack of physical cues), another possibility occurred to me -- that perhaps it's just transitioning adults that suffer this, and people raised on the "new way of communicating" from birth may not suffer at all from it.

I recently learned about the Muslim equivalent to Karaite Judaism. Interesting. Also interesting is that the United Nations has a neat website for world heritage sites.

Right now I'm on a rare trip to the Beehive. It's a nice place to hang out -- it's just inconvenient to get here. Over the next while, keep an eye on the philosophy section of my website -- I'm restating my reformulated, rejuvinated ideas, and I think they're coming out a lot better than they did before.


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