Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Don't kill the Instant Messager

Yesterday at lunch, I spotted one of the most amusing things on a neighbouring table -- there was an advertisement to have a private lunch with some professor. That struck me as amazingly arrogant and bizarre -- some professor actually advertising that he'll come to lunch with you (presumably if you'll buy his lunch). What kind of guy makes fliers for that kind of thing? Certainly not the kind of person I'd like to have lunch with. To top it off, at the bottom of the thing was the suggestion that semi-formal attire is expected. Wow.

German pop music, like American pop music, is weird. I've been listening to Mo"hre, and while my German isn't super, her song topics are extremely strange. Highlights:

  • Shit on the Wall (song title)
  • It's hard to tell the difference between naked farm animals (and possibly people), but it's good to be naked
  • She sleeps with a lot of people from all over the world, but for various reasons didn't stick with any of them (some were too young, somebody stole her breasts (!?!?!), etc)
  • Some of those people lied about the size of their sexual organs
  • With the next man, everything will be different (song title)
  • She knows the days of the week, and drinks a lot of beer
  • Women's football is awesome! Men's football is boring.
  • (observation: German sounds odd but good when sung to a Latin beat)
All this needs to be taken with the knowledge that her music is very catchy and fun. Other german music groups I like, such as Die Prinzen (like a barbershop quartet), are more obviously satire, and of course German techno is easily understood (and rocks). Unfortunately, it's not that easy to get the stuff in the states, although helps.

I was kind of tempted to do an ad hoc translation of this blog entry into German, but I'm too lazy to use babelfish to translate some of the words I don't know German equivalents for, at least today. :P


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