Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sparky's Sight

I just downloaded the latest beta of Flash 9 for Linux, again slightly miffed that I've been mostly left out on a bit of web content for the last year or so.

  • Win: Standalone Flash Player. I can now save the set of SWF files I've saved over the years. Hooray! It still sucks that it's a closed format, but, like with a working mplayer, I can work with it again.
  • Mostly Win: Flash plugin. I looked into the weird GRE stuff that fedora-packaged Firefox comes with, made a copy of the shell script that launches Firefox, and modified it to start the 32-bit copy instead, so now I can launch a 32-bit firefox when I need to do flash. It's not ideal, but it might be handy sometime.
While writing this, I'm playing "Kenya". w00t.
Tags: tech

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