Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sailing the Hidden River

Yesterday was the annual Vax party that one of my friends throws. It was enjoyable, somewhat more tame than previous years, and very very long (9 hours, ending around 04:00). After I woke back up today, I spent much of the day cleaning. This cleaning was fun though -- I dug out the huge pile of floppies that I evacuated from my mom's place in Brecksville, swapped a working floppy drive into holly (the one that was in there proved not to work), and went through each and every floppy looking for data worth saving. I didn't find any of the things I was particularly looking for, but I did find a few amusements. I also found a lot of blank disks, a few unreadable ones, and a lot of memories. Mentally, I recaptured a certain amount of the flavour of times past while doing it -- it's strange when one does something and suddenly one's past and different perspectives come back. I momentarily felt as if I forgot everything I am now.. I was again sitting in the dorm room in University writing those dozens of slackware disks, proceeding without instructions to play with Linux on one of my boxen connected by thinnet cabling. I was again in my senior year of high school running that bulletin board while being the only kid with a laptop in the school. I was again in Senora Lorrente's Spanish class, playing rogue during a boring review class, and having her get suspicious and coming over to see what was on the screen (I told her it was a screensaver). I was again in middle school playing on the bulletin boards, exchanging porn, virus sourcecode, and playing door games with friends. Boyan and CompuView, debug and edit, later RIPTerm and dozens of other programs. Exchanging floppies with friends that had hidden files with impossible filenames on them to make them hard to discover... and then in my senior year of high school as the assistant tech coordinator, being consulted on what to do when some kid was caught with a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook. So much more, all bought back by those floppies I'm finally tossing out.

I more or less fixed morose (Inspiron8500 - my laptop) with a solder iron -- the power components apparently had become loose and were losing contact with the rest of the system. The system now boots reliably, but I don't feel comfortable moving it around (and am a little worried about opening and closing the system lid). This is good though -- morose will be much more usable than holly (PPro/200, main workstation from when I was at University) as a desktop.

In case you can't tell, my BLOG is running on faster hardware. I redirected to a spare machine at work. If anything looks broken, let me know.

All this reminiscing makes me more aware of the great flow of things and the fragility of things. Looking at one cat on my lap, the other sitting on my shoulder, I think that they won't be here forever, and how Wally was here before, and then the other pets.. Some reflections are painful. It seems appropriate that Bowie's "Starman" comes on, a song that always reminds me of the countless evenings I spent at Insomnia, the people I went there with, and that part of my life starting a few months after Martha. I wonder if every intellectual has at one point gotten a crush on the coffeeshop girl -- there was someone cute and smart who worked at Insomnia who I had a thing for for awhile. I look at the people I know now, and wonder who I'll know in 5 years or 15. I hope those people most important to me will stay in my life.

Oddly, although I haven't had the wiki since the move to Fedora 4, I think installing mediawiki on my new laptop is the biggest thing I look forward to. There's so much that having a local wiki makes easy that I miss.

Sometimes I've been known to get too curious, and to look at things that I know will disturb me in one way or another. I've done so recently, and will probably remain mildly disturbed for awhile, but I'm surprisingly not as bothered as I think I might've been.

It's odd that November has so quickly come upon us, and is almost halfway over already. I feel like I've lost my grip on time. It's kind of strange watching other people fall in love..

My thoughts arn't very organised today. Sometimes this happens when I write an entry over a few hours.


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