Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Self-Awareness May Warm your Feet, but Life is Ice

I just had a not-so-wonderful unique physical experience, and do not feel well. I will probably call my cardiologist tomorrow.

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I recently borrowed a CD from a friend that had a song from Serial Experiments: Lain on it called Inner Vision. It's used near the end of the film in a very moving way, and is perfect for the bittersweet feeling that the end of that film invokes. It's a beautiful song, but I'm not sure if one one would get the full experience unless one were to see Lain first (also highly recommended). When I was younger, I had a set of songs stuck in my head that I often played in my head, these including some songs I've never remembered the name of. It was always a delight to learn that name and listen to it for real again. I've always had the fortunate ability to memorise music very easily and to hear it in my head when I like. In some ways, my Neuros is mainly there because my memory cannot randomly select songs -- I just remember the same small set of songs over and over until I am reminded by something of some other song. The songs I remember this way sometimes are also distorted in my head, and it is in any case very distracting to hear them this way. In an ideal world, I'm closing my eyes and sitting down when I hear the music (which is also how I like to listen to new music). I still remember a cruel amusement I felt when I was in High School orchestra, going to perform in a concert, and I forgot the sheet music I shared with my partner. This happened twice, and it never affected me because I didn't (and couldn't at an acceptable rate) read the music. I remember my stand partner being angry before he went to get another copy from our conductor. Hehe. Poor guy.

I am considering, as I have already mentioned to KGB, throwing a philosophy party sometime in late January or early February, whereby everyone coming would (theoretically) bring a book from a philosopher that they think has something interesting to say, briefly sum it up in a few sentences, and talk about it to everyone. I am unsure if that is the worst party idea ever, or if it could work. The KGB reaction is mixed -- some of them go with the worst, some of them seem to like it. If I were to do it, I would temporarily move most of my stuff to the basement so my apartment could fit more people. When I'm more sure if I'll do it, I'll send out inquiries to other friends. It might be a bad idea, it might not be.

My new laptop has still not shipped. Sigh. They did commit to ship by Thursday though.

It's hard to believe it's already almost December...


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