Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Don't Be Live

I am not feeling very well because of my heart episode last night -- I've only had one that bad twice before. As with before with any moderately strong, there are lingering effects -- I'm very tired, slightly dizzy and lightheaded. Because of that, I chose to bus instead of walk to work today. On the way in, I saw someone misspell "believe" as "belive" on an electric pole. Someone scribbled in below it with a different pen, "don't be dead". Unfortunately, I got a fair amount of walking in too, before work, because I saw a cat for which I think I saw signs advertising it being lost. I lured the cat with food, took it to my apartment, walked around trying to find the lost cat signs (failed -- they must've been taken down), made signs advertising a found cat, and put them up a few places around my neighbourhood. The cat looks a lot like Tortfeasor, is similarly sweet (even friendlier, if it can believed), and was very hungry. Tortfeasor didn't react well to him, so Tort is locked up in the bathroom. If any of you Squirrel Hillers read this and see any lost cat signs, I have a black/white cat! Have the owners call me!

On the bus ride, I thought it was a pity that our language doesn't differentiate between two generic types/applications of categories -- categories that describe a mostly discrete (or at least statistically significant group boundary) set of elements in the total permutation space, and categories which we project onto permutation space that have no statistically significant boundaries. To illustrate the difference, I was looking up cat classifications on Wikipedia to make the signs because I can never remember what "calico" and all the other cat coat pattern names actually look like and I wanted to describe the cat. The coat pattern for mystery cat is bicolour, but in the entry for bicolour cats on Wikipedia, it noted that cats which are mostly black with a bit of white are called tuxedo cats. I want to know if tuxedo cats have either a firm definitional boundary or a statistically larger occurence chance than things that are borderline or in other categories of cat coats. With my idealised rephrasing, I'll say that I want to know if the category of tuxedo cats is a projected category or a natural category.

Today is a day for a lot of paperwork to get done at work.


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