Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Insufficient Reflection

On the way back from work today, I wandered around Squirrel Hill for a bit, and ran into my friend Kathy who I haven't seen for quite awhile. The horrible, bitterly cold, nasty weather that is Pittsburgh for about a third of the year tends to keep me inside and depressed, and I don't tend to meet new people or keep up with friends very well for this long stretch. I saw her through the window of Barnes and Noble, waved, and we ended up chatting for about an hour at the 61c, and my showing her pictures from Centralia (normally she's Dmitriy's partner in crime, I think, for photo exploring). I like this part of living an unstructured life -- random meetings just happen.

After making it home, I took a nap, thinking that I might be going to bed for the night, and had a vivid dream that completely refreshed me -- according to my IM client, I was only asleep for about an hour and fifteen minutes, and I was surprised to finally see the clock after waking back up, but I feel as refreshed as if I had slept the entire night. I'm imagining that I must've had the perfect amount of sleep to wrap up a single REM cycle, and that my tiredness must therefore have been primarily mental. I'm not sure I need any more sleep tonight, but at some point I'll play it self and get some.


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