Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Of Wounded Whales

Yesterday I went to briefly visit family at my mom's place in Brecksville. On the way there, I discovered that my soon-to-be-sold car was gently sideswiped, messing up one of the mirrors. This will cost me about $400 to fix in total, according to Fnord. This is not cool for something I'm trying to sell soon. Self-reminder: Tuesday at 17:00 is the scheduled repair.

Oh, this entry is cut short -- I just made on-the-spot lunch plans with a friend. Off to Pinatis for a wonderful kosher Israeli meal. Yum.

Later addition: My cats now look at me with hurt eyes every time I pet them because the ultra-dry air in my apartment leads to static shocks at every contact. Poor cats! :( I really should make a trip to Target for a new shower curtain and some humidifiers on the way to or from fixing my car on tuesday.


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