Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

As Time went on, They smiled less and less, and soon not at all..

I slept in until noon today to catch partially up on yesterday, went to work to handle some outstanding paperwork for the incoming systems, and my officemate noticed before I did that I wasn't looking too well.. A few hours later, I got one of those head-splitting headaches, and stumbled home. More sleep helped a bit -- I'm briefly up now, but will be heading back to bed soon. I hate these headaches though.

Actually, on that Beefalo film, I showed it to Beefalo, and she watched it intently. I almost feel like I'm more of a parent to the cats than before, because now that she realises the computer can give her visual experiences, she listens more to the music that I play on it. She's still not particularly smart about it, as she likes to sit on my gaming systems when they're on.


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