Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Listening to Dreams

Last night and the night before's dreams were particularly odd -- the thing I remember most was finding myself at a counter behind which was an airline person trying to sell me cheap tickets to anywhere. I was particularly interested in flying to Nova Scotia, and asked about there. I remembered talking with somebody about Nova Scotia earlier in the dream too. From the night before, I spent much of the dream on a Segway. I've actually been dreaming a fair amount about Segways recently -- I think it's because riding one was so much fun and so a good part of me really wants to get one after replacing my car. I don't know if it really makes sense - if I get one I should probably wait for models with better batteries and more speed (the two main issues I see with them right now are that the i180, the current model, will go only 15-24 miles on a full charge and at a max of 13 miles per hour. I'd like to see a max speed of 20mph and a max distance of 35mi). It says something about it that years after riding one, I'm still having dreams about it. Sigh.

Today at work the new racks will arrive by pallet. This is, naturally, before the "machine room" is set up with cooling, so they're arriving to go right into storage. It's a pity how that works out, but it does give me more time to order accessories for them -- my older servers don't have the rackmount kit yet (despite being 1U units).

Old people can be whiny losers too -- John Seigenthaler, a kinda-sorta known person in Washington circles, was the unfortunate victim of some vandalism on Wikipedia, and reacted quite badly to it.

In politics, when a party in a healthy democracy stands for something for awhile, and another party "muscles in" on its "turf", there's bound to be interesting reactions. This is presently the case with Sharon's recent move in Israel, where the Labour party is threatened by Sharon's new party (and especially by Peres leaving Labour to join him). Interesting times. Our democracy in the United States is like a toy democracy -- if we're going to do democracy (which might or might not be a good idea), we should have a real, healthy one. There is little honest sense in going halfway.

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