Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Make fun of Psychology students day

Today's that magic time of the semester where Psychology faculty and staff are invited to an undergraduate poster session for people taking one of the research methods. We also tend to get free food. Hurrah!

Last night was the last meeting for PUSH for the semester -- we keep getting a trickle of new people, but it remains to be seen if any will keep coming back, and this is crucial because our steady members are all leaving (transferring to other colleges, graduating, or in my case, starting to move on because it feels like the right time). On the last note, yes, I'm starting to move on from being so involved in PUSH, and yes, it's not because I have to or anything, it just feels like the right thing to do. Maybe it's partly age, maybe it's something else, but there are many times in life where it just feels right to do something, and that's a legitimate reason to make personal decision. To be honest, I've been looking at the CMU Australia campus with more than a passing interest -- if and when they open a CS campus there, I'll have a difficult choice between a great job, good friends, and a generally nice setup here, versus adventure, leaving this crazy country, better climate, and rolling the dice again in finding people I could date. If it's not decided by showstoppers like Qatar was, I don't know which way I'd go (although I think leaving the friends I have here is the hardest thing -- if I could convince some to come with me, it'd be a no-brainer).

Yesterday I bumped into the amazingly friendly Kavita again, and she's planning another trip all over the world. It's pretty rare that this is the case for me, but I was hopefully able to make myself useful with some social networking contacts for things of interest to her. There is something cool, I'll admit, to being able to match people up to other people who might be of interest to them for their current projects/hobbies/etc. I can see the appeal for people who make it their business to "know simply everybody", even if my psychology makes that impossible for me.

I've had a few odd ideas float into my sleep-deprived head recently.. first, if I could bring back any band that has broken up and have them make one more CD, and it were good, what band would I choose? Secondly, I've been kind of inspired, in some strange dreams set to Covenant's song Tension (on their album Europa), to imagine, if everyone had their own domain that they could set up as they please (domain being like a pocket universe -- think the domain of Death in Pratchett's Discworld series, or a deity's plane in the DandD cosmos), without cost/difficulty concerns, what would I choose and what would people I know choose.. For the first, I'm tempted to choose OingoBoingo. For the latter, I have this idea of a forest with vines and logs defining the ground (rather than flatness), very occasional rivers going through, and frequent rain. The feel of the place is hard to capture with words -- I wish I were better at drawing or Povray.

I find myself disturbed by a situation where I have an obligation not to intervene in something that I feel is wrong and bad. This is .. unfortunate. I of course can't talk about it because of that obligation. Sigh.


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