Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dec2006 Phone

Dear readers,

In two days, my Verizon Wireless contract will move from being binding on me to being "at-will". I intend to switch phones and services, to some GSM-capable phone and a service that'll probably be month-by-month (I don't use the phone a lot, and I'll likely be in Europe this time next year, unless I fall in love with someone in Pittsburgh and stick around). So... I'd like advice, mostly about phones.


  • Quad-GSM, with SIM card (European compatibility blah blah)
  • Not particularly expensive
  • Ideally won't have a screen that's exposed all the time (I am very rough on electronics)
  • Durable
  • Decent antenna
  • Quirky might be fun
  • A low-res camera might be occasionally useful (my camera's kinda bulky, and photographing paper is often useful)
  • Ringtones are replacable over USB or similar (paying money for a custom ringtome is very lame), and pictures can be retrieved from the phone the same way
  • Internet access that can be passed easily to a computer might be nice too, although it's really no big deal if it's not present.
Any phones that seem reasonably interesting at many of the above sound quite cool. Drop me a reply if you have advice.

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