Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Rush to Empty One's Pockets

After spending a bit over a year on Second Life, it's finally time to cash in my chips. Reason? No Linux client, despite constant promises. It's not fun to keep checking every few months and find no news. Last night, I logged on, emptied out my land, and found some lucky newbie, to whom I gave a copy of all my scripts (being careful not to give other peoples scripts), toys, and then, once he had adjusted his account settings so he could own land, the land itself. I also gave him some spare Lindencurrency to the tune of about L$9000. The land has evolved amusingly in the long time I've had it -- it was initially a large chunk of newbie-allocated first land, empty except for a thick forest. A month or so later, much of it was bought up by the greedy Anshe Chung, land baron of Second Life, who set up a wild-west mall, eventually buying up most of my neighbours. Feud ensued, because I hate people who ruin things like that. Eventually, with the opening of the new continent, interest faded in the area, and it very slowly became quiet again (albeit still with huge, now more traditional mall). It stagnated that way until now. On my land initially I had a futuristic, simple, and weird house, eventually supplemented with a platform to explain my POV in the feud with Ansche. Much later, when I no longer was getting on second life very often, I replaced it with a parking garage, and then a giant, smoke billowing smokestack (the perfect thing to put near where Ansche had noisy bingo games happening). I hope the new guy does something interesting with the land. Second life is a neat creative environment.

I have tried to find a charity to give my Playstation 2 to that's in town, but all of those I have found are either run by the government (to be more precise, the marines, who run Toys for Tots) or are religious in nature. This is frustrating. I would rather sell it than have it go through those channels.

My car has not sold yet. I need to post in more places about it being available.(Correction: made a typo last time and said cat accidentally. I am not selling either of my cats)


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