Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Our Bodies, a playground of death

See here for a recent post that may be of interest. Other than that, just a few little tidbits..

Our Bodies, a Playground of Death is more relevant to males than females.

I find myself recalling a dude in Europe N and I saw in France(?) in January -- the guy had earphones over his ears and was walking around singing to them. At the time, N said something along the lines of "there's always one" (of those people). In retrospect, I think I envy that guy, or at least approve -- it is a fun thing to sing, even if it's a bit embarassing at times.

Last night I had a dream of a possible mythology for a people, maybe usable for my so-far-not-arriving sci-fi-futureblog. In it, there were originally two gods, but in the making of people, to give them vitality, one of the two was to shatter their lover to provide vital spirit for everyone, in a strange kind of sacrifice.

It's amusing how "Operation Enduring Freedom" has proven to be Orwellian doublespeak, both for Americans and others. It's more like "Operation Endure Our Freedom", I think.


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