Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Seeking Unix Smut

For the Unixy geeks out there,I'm sure some of you remember the bizarre advertisements that Insignia used for their SoftWindows/SoftPC software. I'm looking for a good scan or original source image for a particular one I saw in PCWeek in the early 90s IIRC. The background of the advert was black, and at the top was the following text:

UNIX users can now add Windows to their list of conquests.
(Consider all ties with humility severed.)

Beneath that was an image with chains in the background and a woman in shiny black leather holding a vial (presumably of wine) lounging on a concrete throne held up by two guys wearing chains and scant pieces of leather while crouching over a grate.

I'm thinking that, printed out and laminated, this would make a great poster(1). I have a copy (see pic above) that I ripped out of that PC week, but over the years it's come to be in kind of bad shape. I'm hoping someone here might have similarly saved a copy and kept it in better shape.

(1) Perhaps evidence of my bad taste

So, anyone who either has this or might know of a good place to get it, please let me know.


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