Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Drops in my Eyes

I woke up on my back on the couch, in the dark, cool air flowing through the apartment, bladder full. Standing up, I head to the back room, removing the fan from the window and closing it. Then, I head to the bathroom, using it and closing the window. The kitchen and the dining room then have their windows closed, and finally the front windows. It was nice to air out the apartment for awhile. After hopping online for a bit to catch up on things, I hopped up, grabbed my phone, and called India Garden to see if they're open tonight, noting with amusement that randomly, some Daler Mehndi is playing from my computer. They are open, and I think I might go there tonight as I hang up. I notice then that I am surrounded by cats on the couch, Horatio on my left, Beefalo behind me, Aubrey on the other couch, and Tortfeasor nearby on the ground. Having wrapped up with my email and this BLOG entry, I twist around and continue my napping.


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