Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A World of False Consensus

In the last week..

  • I've gotten some promising nibbles on selling my car. I've shown it once, have one person who wants photos, and a few people who will be seeing it when they get back from break
  • I've wrapped up a game of Civ3. I don't anticipate starting another anytime soon
  • Have grown to enjoy having Horatio and Aubrey join my cat family. It's a pity they can't stay forever (they're not mine, and I really only should have one cat by my landlord agreement)
  • Have decided that Paneer Tikka Makhni has the honour of replacing Saag Paneer as my favourite food. I've had it the last few times I've been to India Garden, and it's absolutely incredible
  • I have neglected to get more honey from the Russian supermarket in Squirrel Hill. I really need to get around to this
  • Failing to find a good place to donate my Playstation2, I managed to sell it to another CMU person
  • I mostly closed out my Secondlife account (I think this happened in the last week... hmm...)
  • I did a lot of server assemblage for work
  • I've read most of the excellent novel Martha mailed me some time back. It's quite good.
  • I've read a bit of the Arab histories of the Crusades (that's probably close to but is not exactly the title) that R loaned me. It's decent.
  • I've seen part of the Bollywood film that I asked the Bombay Mart guy to order me -- Bunti and Babli. It is excellent, and the music is very catchy.
  • I learned that I should stop spelling Bollywood as Baliwood. Oops.
  • I am challenged as to how to continue relating to a friend who has said that without laws restraining him, he would not think twice of robbing banks or worse. This is deeply disturbing to me -- It's just like people who say that if they stopped believing in their god, they would feel license to do all sorts of things of bad character.
  • I started to get blog comment spam, and by looking at the logs, found a way that so far has blocked all said spam. If it starts to get through again, I will switch to a better means to do so that takes advantage of some characteristics of the zombie networking that posts the spam. It should be near 100% effective unless/until they change the way they do things, but will take me a little bit more effort to implement
  • I was surprised to figure out, courtesy of looking at my log files, how the spammers must be operating. There are some very ugly ties between spyware, hacking, and spam, and some very clever asshole capitalists designing the weeds that are choking us
  • Found a partial solution to my back door leaking heat like a sieve. My smaller futon, long unused for sleeping (partly because it's coated with cat fur that I have not found a good way to remove), appears to be very effective when placed in front of the door in blocking heat transfer
  • Have started playing star control 2 again. I'm glad that it's available as a free download
  • Found a nice GUI frontend to Nethack called Vulcture's. As I don't want to learn the interface keys to nethack, this is a good way to play. Hurrah.
  • Have also started playing ZAngband again
  • Have failed to start playing TOME/Pernband again because it still tends to die in LUA land. Sigh. If it had worked, I might've started developing on it again.
  • Have been playing with my Blog/Wiki software some more
  • Have not yet written any more significant philosophy. Sigh.
  • Caught up a bit on lack of sleep

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