Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Thou Shalt Not

A few commandments for philosophical discussions:

  • Thou shalt, when you use thy terms, not claim that people who do not use thy definitions for those terms are wrong, although it may be claimed that they are different
  • An the terms are decided to be different, thou shalt permit use of disambiguating prefixes (e.g. Rawlsian justice versus Hegelian Justice) to distinguish conceptions or at the very least acquire an agreement with the others thou art talking with that for the sake of discussion X will take on the particular meaning of Y for a given discussion
  • Thou shalt try not to bring WW2 into the discussion unless it is very relevant
  • Thou shalt keep a cool head
  • Thou shalt be very careful with the word evil.
  • Thou shalt think through thy thoughts through carefully, lest thy ideas be crushed immediately
  • Thou shalt be gracious in winning a point, not embarassing thy partner in conversation, lest they not want to continue conversing with you
  • Thine partner is not a foe
  • Thou shalt not refrain from making important points out of pity or friendliness
  • The tone thou shalt seek for the conversation should be a friendly meeting-of-minds so much as possible
I am enjoying the song "Rappers, We Crush", which is a collaboration between Kompressor and MC Frontalot. Go download it on the download section of MC Frontalot's page!

I am pleased that apparently Y'all is entering common use.


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