Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Ceithir fhichead is a naoi deug

I happened across a website that describes counting systems all over the world, ordering them by how difficult it is to use them. Most complex listed is that of Nimbia (which actually doesn't look so bad, it's just base-12), next Hindi (decimal but very irregular). Tongan is very regular and very pretty (although counting large things in it may be unwieldy. Then again, we have scientific notation in western counting systems for when it gets unwieldy for us too). Dutch looks a lot closer to English than German does. Among the languages is Scots Gaelic, novel because the sound for each of them sounds like an insult or at least cruel gossip. Poor Ceithir is both a fhichead and a naoi deug.

The political tree is getting a little shake. It's a pity that this doesn't happen more often -- this is a kind of political corruption that everybody knows happens and is extremely common, but people don't get pinned down on it enough. An oath of poverty for politicians would be an incredible step in the right direction.

My BLOG and media things were down for some of yesterday and today, partly for maintenance, partly because I made a mistake and told shutdown to halt instead of reboot. It's obviously back now.

I want to go snowboarding, but it seems that Lady Gaia is honouring my other wish - that it not be too cold. Apparently it involves a lot more time than I'd expect being available to show people my car.

I seemed to have a lot of ideas last night that I wanted to talk about, but my BLOG wasn't up, and I can't remember now. Meh.


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