Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Blue Hand

For my present experiment at work, I need to make an image of a hand that I will subsequently alter to create glowiness on each finger (with text) to remind people of the correct data glove finger to push while they're in the MRI. To fit with the rest of the experiment, I've chosen to do the hand in blue with a black background. Unfortunately, due to a combination of my poor freehand drawing skills, my poor skills at visual art in general, and the difficulty of using a mouse to draw things, my efforts have not made anything acceptable. Google image search has not given me anything better (and licensing issues make using that questionable anyhow). The best suggestion I have gotten was from a coworker who suggested finding a photo on the web, loading it in a layer in GIMP, and tracing around it in another layer, then dropping that layer. This may produce decent results, but I ask all of you who have any artistic skills if you can do better. Look at the above image, and make me something vaguely like that, but with the fingers better-separated, better-shaped, and generally better looking. Know that if you send it to me, I will be editing it for the experiment and it may end up being used for other experiments -- please release it as public domain. You'll be helping science! please keep it as trace style -- there only can be two colours, the background black and the foreground a simple trace of blue.

I will likely put up any responses I get. Heck, if you want to send anything else you draw, I might put it up to. Email it to


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