Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Ceilidh 2006

Come one, come all, to Ceilidh 2006, the 0th of it's kind. Ceilidh 2006 is a party I am throwing with the (mild) theme of philosophy, but it will also have plenty of other stuff so if philosophy is dull to you, you hopefully won't be bored!

Where? At the house of Gunn. Located at 5544 Hobart Street (1st floor) in Squirrel Hill.


  • If you want a dose of philosophy, come at 1138489200 (28 January 2006 18:00 (6PM))
  • If you want to primarily hang out, come at 1138492800 (28 January 2006 19:00 (7PM))
This is a saturday. It runs until whenever.

What? Food, Games, and if you come for the first hour, talk about philosophy. If you would like to make things interesting, think about some philosopher who is interesting, and try to summarize their most interesting ideas for discussion. Anyone who chooses a religious figure or a theologan gets a swirly in my toilet and does *not* get to talk. For the rest of the gathering, I have a microscope, so bring cool stuff to look at (no bodily fluids, thanks). I have two adorable cats which will roam around being really cute. I also have some games, but if people want to bring yet more, that'd be cool.

How? RSVP via email at Then show up. I repeat, please RSVP so I know how much food to get.

Things to bring and things not to bring: Games are good. I have illuminati (2 sets) and also have super smash brothers (4 player game for the Gamecube). Other stuff is cool too. I don't keep meat in my place, and will probably be buying mostly pizza, stuff from the nearby bakery, and healthy stuff for the party. If you want to bring something, you're welcome to. I have a variety of tea and will try to get a nice cheese selection for the party too. Please do not bring other pets to the party, nor any ham/pork products. There may be a few people who keep kosher at the party. I have a selection of tea.

==Directions==From the east: Take 376 west, then take the SqHill exit, head up murray and left turn onto Hobart, go straight past Wightman, I am in the second building past the Lubavich Yeshiva.

From the far east: Take a plane to Pittsburgh, take 22/30 east until you hit 376 east, then follow the from the west directions.

From the middle east: Book a flight on an appropriate airplane to Pittsburgh, take the 28X shuttle to CMU, then use the CMU instructions.

From the west: Take 376 east until you hit the SqHill exit, then follow the rest of the from the east directaions.

From CMU: Go up Fnord Avenue, turn right on Wightman, then right on Murray. Go past the Yeshiva. Yaddayadda.

From the north or south: damned if I know.

If you get really lost: Call me at 412.480.3321.

Google maps can also tell you.

People to bring:Bring people who you think will fit in at the party (RSVP with them please!). Don't bring people who you do not think will fit. For the sake of avoiding unpleasantness, we will *not* be discussing Israel-Palestine or related topics *at all* during the party. Verboten. Not going there. Bring significant others! Be sure to RSVP!


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